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The IlluminEar Tinnitus & Audiology Center in Austin, Texas offers treatment plans for elderly patients with hearing disorders. Dr. Kristen Keener and her team practice geriatric audiology in order to help those who have experienced issues with hearing as they’ve grown older.

Geriatric Audiology Q & A

Need help with geriatric audiology?

As people begin to age, hearing disorders start to appear slowly, and in the blink of an eye, what began as hearing trouble can become something a lot more serious. Geriatric audiology is specifically the study of hearing, balance, and other related disorders in the elderly, and when one begins to notice the signs of hearing trouble, it quickly becomes necessary to look into a geriatric audiology specialist as soon as possible.

Not only will this help to stem the tide of your symptoms, but reaching out to a trained geriatric audiologist will also make possible the alleviation of these issues. As with most health matters, however, early action is key. First, you must assess the available options.

What treatment options are available?

For the elderly, acting on hearing disorders as soon as they start to manifest is of the utmost importance. What this means exactly can get a little complicated, however. Scheduling and setting appointments at big hospitals can be a tiresome and ineffective process, and often insurance plans can make things even more complicated when attempting to assess different geriatric audiology centers.

Elderly patients will, therefore, want to find a doctor who can offer a personalized treatment plan that satisfies their needs while still allowing for as much one-on-one attention as possible. For services like this, try the IlluminEar Tinnitus & Audiology Center.

Trust the IlluminEar Tinnitus & Audiology Center

Dr. Kristen Keener, an experienced Texas audiologist, serves the greater Austin area, and her practice has become one of the best healthcare facilities in the state for anyone looking into geriatric audiology or other general hearing problems.

If you have any additional questions regarding possible treatment options for hearing loss, definitely be sure to contact Dr. Keener’s office today to see how IlluminEar can help.

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