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If you have ever experienced a persistent, unexplainable ringing in your ears, it is not your imagination; it is tinnitus. At IlluminEar Tinnitus & Audiology Center in Austin, Texas, Dr. Kristen Keener specializes in tinnitus and can help treat your condition with the attention and care that you deserve.

Tinnitus Q & A

What is Tinnitus?

There are three different types of tinnitus that a person can experience: subjective tinnitus, objective tinnitus, and pulsatile tinnitus.

Subjective tinnitus, the most common form, is the perception of sound that has no outside source and can be only heard by the afflicted.

Objective tinnitus is the perception of sound that can be heard by other people, usually at the opening of the ear. This form of tinnitus is less common and usually stems from medical issues such as problems with the inner bones, issues with blood vessels or muscle contractions.

The final type of tinnitus, pulsatile tinnitus, is characterized by a pulsing sound in your ear, much like the sound of your heartbeat. Pulsatile tinnitus can be caused by various serious medical issues like brain tumors or irregular artery flow that should be addressed as soon as possible.

How is Tinnitus Caused?

While some forms of tinnitus stem from a medical issue, it is not uncommon to be unable to discover the cause of the disorder. However, this does not mean that your tinnitus is not treatable. An expert Audiologist can examine your condition and advise you on the many different treatment paths that are available to you in your effort to manage your audiological condition.

Is Tinnitus Treatable?

If you find that you are suffering from tinnitus, you should take comfort in the fact that it is imminently treatable. Using such treatments as counseling, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, and sound/relaxation therapy, Dr. Keener will help you address the issues related to your tinnitus so that you can live your life more comfortably. Once you start receiving treatment, you can expect to experience such benefits as more restful sleep, an increased ability to concentrate, and lower levels of stress and pain. Do not wait to treat your tinnitus, get help at the IlluminEar Tinnitus and Audiology Center in Austin, Texas today.

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